Friday, December 19, 2008

One long week!

My fellow people of God, I am asking that you please pray for me. These days of ministry have been long and hard! It just seem like new challenges just keep on coming. I am not going through any storms or anything like that, it seem like every time I nail down one end of the board the other end pops up.Well just a quick recap of the week,we had a great Lord's Day service at New Life 11:00 am worship. The Lord allowed me to talk from Colossians 1:15-18,Who is the historical Jesus. At 3:30 We had to go to the New Way Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Dr.Reginald Black,Sr. for their annual friends and family day. I had to preach that service, the Lord blessed in a great way.It is always refreshing to preach to people who are hearing you for the first time, their reaction and response never cease to amaze me. People have to get out of the habit of thinking they have already heard all of God's capable preachers.It's a good a good feeling when people are blessed by The Lord using us as Preachers.It's just funny that they assume because they have not heard of you that you can't preach, or that you are just alright.
Well enough of that, I had a tough week one our members woke up Tuesday morning and found her father had had passed away after a long battle with cancer.Please pray this is going to be the third funeral in less than a month. After only one funeral in the first six years of Pastoral leadership, it has taken it's toll. I canceled our bible study this week. I am also asking could whoever read this please pray for my brother in ministry Rev.Barry Severe of the Full Gospel Baptist Church, I just learned he had some health challenges. In spite of all The Lord is still good,can I get an amen.

Be blessed


Clinton Smith said...

Don't get tired of doing what's good for in the appropriate you shall reap a harvest blessing if you don't give up! Be encouraged whenever one task is completed there's always another waiting for you. Keep you the work and let's start planning for next year.

Man down

Craig Olson said...

Why The Church Has Failed to Build Christian Character.

Craig Olson